Moms With Camera

Moms With Camera

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Don’t try to go it alone – Join our sisterhood of MWC Photographers and Party Plan Consultants. We’ll show you how to have so much fun making money you’ll almost feel guilty.  Where else can you start your very own business… work how much or how little you want … have absolutely no money tied up in stock or inventory… and not spend years in training?

Join MWC as a Photographer or as a Party Plan Consultant!

Experience is not necessary because we provide you with everything you’ll need except for the camera and lights (that part is your responsibility if you join as a photographer) and your personal enthusiasm for showing and selling fantasy portraits of children and adults (we can also create fantasy glamour portraits of moms) we will train you via written and video training materials to become either a MWC Photographer or a MWC Party Plan Consultant or both.

You supply the camera and flash… we supply you with all the tutorials and marketing materials you’ll need… brochures, posters, postcards, business cards, hostess manuals, invitations, thank you cards, and highly effective, proven, sales scripts and samples guaranteed to flood you with portrait parties!

You can operate anywhere in North America, New Zealand, Australia or the UK

Gain access to our private, members only MWC Forumwhere you can network, make friends and share your experiences with other MWC members and find lots of tips on how to improve your business.

Our Artistic Photoshop Experts Will Make You Look Good!

Whether you have talent or not it doesn’t matter as it’s your passion and enthusiasm that really counts. If you do have the artistic and technical skill to do everything yourself plus the time and energy to do it all on your own that’s great. We will provide you with our exclusive line of Baby Photo Backdrops so you can do your own editing. Or you can simply take simple snapshots, upload them to a special MWC page and let our team of world-class artists and photoshop experts work their magic turning the pictures you take into works of art and you can take all the credit for the final results – Fantastic Fantasy Portraits that your clients will treasure forever!

Legal Disclaimer:
We here at MWC make no income claims whatsoever. Some of our members do little and earn little while others average several hundred dollars of profit per photo session.  MWC seeks performance based sales reps / photographers only. These are performance-based positions and they do not come with an hourly wage or any guarantee of any income at all.  Steve and Susha are really looking for people that want to earn a substantial income as an independent contractor and not as an employee of MWC. You will also be responsible for reporting your own taxes and revenues. Realistic income projections will be different for everyone but if you do not average at least $50 per hour canvassing mothers with young children to purchase MWC sitting certificates then you are doing something wrong.  If you are photographing clients who have purchase a MWC portrait session and you are not averaging several hundred dollars per client photographed then you are really doing something wrong. Steve and Susha will do everything they can to ensure you have a great product to offer at a great price but we can not and do not guarantee you any specific income. Ultimately what you earn will be in direct proportion to your own motivation and efforts. We can show you what has worked for us and many others but it is ultimately up to you to perform.