Moms With Camera

Moms With Camera

How MWC was born!


 Well, Steve (my husband) and I had successfully worked several other styles of photography before developing out Moms With Camera.  Steve had worked for several photography companies in the States for over 20 years and my background had been in advertising, display and fashion designing. 

When I lured him to Australia to live in 2003Innocent, with my background in fashion and particular interest in vintage - we started out doing antique style family portraits and that kept the wolves at bay for a couple of years until we started our Enchanted Portraits fantasy sessions.  Now, everybody absolutely loved our fairy sessions and it had an unbelievably high sales average.  But, it was killing me every time we did it.  It was a lot of work setting up the scenes and running around like a lunatic getting the expressions and looks we wanted.

I thought to ask one of our customers who loved our work, that when her beautiful twin baby girls were sitting up would she give us a call ... I had a new idea I wanted to try.  Well, we set up a day and I mentioned that if she had any friends who might be interested to tell them to come along as well.  I was a little surprised when she told me she had 10 additional Moms With Babies.  Wow!!  ... and we didn't even have to book one of them!  Now, when these Moms came back to look at the proofs, I've got to tell you - I loved to see the expressions on their faces as they walked in and saw our sample display images.  A look of total disbelief...  I can still see their faces...  mouths agape... one by one!!!  I loved it and I knew we had something brilliant and something easily replicate-able.  That day, they all bought - every single one... everybody was happy, our Moms with Babies were happy because they loved our amazing portraits, our Mom who organized it for us was happy because she got a free package, and we were happy because we made over $5,000 from a single day's shoot.

I know that basically almost anyone can do this concept, the actual shoot is the easy part... with the cameras of today and little basic knowledge it doesn't take great skill to take a good photo -  a portrait is different... we have the most beautiful, most interesting of settings to place  the little cutie pies into... we have the Photoshop skills to make their skin look absolutely flawless and  silky smooth ... and we have the marketing know-how , together with our own personalised range of brochures, postcards, business cards, etc to get you all the business you could possibly want!

 This is the perfect business for you, Mom!  Your hours... whenever you want... however often you want ...  Join us today!



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